Lunch Time

Lunch Time

Lunch Time

Lunchroom Behaviour

We expect each student to:

  • Use good lunch manners-e.g. quiet voices, no throwing food, no trading
  • food, no horsing around etc.
  • Remain seated during this eating time until the bell rings to go outside.
  • Leave the room to go to the washroom one person at a time.
  • Put all garbage in the wastepaper basket on the way out of the classroom. Take any unwanted food home or give it to the lunchroom supervisior for distribution to others.
  • Raise your hand to ask for help from the lunchroom supervisor.
  • Listen to the lunchroom supervisor and treat him/her with respect.

Playground Behaviour

Out on the playground we expect each student to:

  • Play fairly and safely.
  • Remain in the school yard at all times. Students are not permitted to leave the school or school grounds during the lunch period without dated written permission from parent.
  • Listen to the lunchroom supervisors and treat them with respect.

Consequences for Misbehaviour

Students who seriously or continually misbehave during lunch may be removed from their classroom during the lunch period, serve a timeout, in-school suspension or formal out-of-school suspension depending on the nature, severity and frequency of the inappropriate behaviour.

(See school Code of Conduct and Discipline Policy)